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Slide Winder is a couch multiplayer, top-down arena brawler made in Unity!

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The goal for each competitor is to stay within the safe zone whilst trying to force others into the danger zone!

The danger zone contains an ominous, deep green substance which slowly dissolves the tanks energy until it finally gives in and stops functioning.

Each player controls a very slippery tank which is equipped with tools to push and defend against the other competitors.

Be a selfish little tank and conquer the safe zone arena!

Slide Winder is multiplayer only for 2-4 players (played with Xbox controllers)

Developed by Team WeTD: Deen Simons, Jonathon Higgins, Sean Huang

Install instructions

♦   Extract SlideWinder.zip 

♦   Open SlideWinder.exe to play

♦   Pew pew!


SlideWinder.zip 25 MB

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